The impact of AMC-152A guidance on design and verification process of DO-254 projects (EU)

Janusz Kitel, DO-254 Program Manager at Aldec

Thursday, April 8, 2021

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM CET


Developing airborne electronic hardware has always been a challenge due to the significant effort required to achieve compliance. The main ED-80/DO-254 document released in 2000 includes more than 30 objectives with general guidance, but in most cases have been found to be arhaic for complex FPGA designs. Despite some clarifications that have been provided by several supplemental documents including Certification Memoranda, FAA Order or CAST papers, in many situations the process still remains unclear and hard to understand because they also bring-in additional requirements.

Now we must consider the latest guidance document – AMC-152A.  EASA and FAA have harmonized compliance resulting in further clarification but also introducing new objectives that must be satisfied by DO-254 applicants. During this webinar, we will review this new document and analyze its impact on the design and verification process of airborne electronics products, not only for the designs with the highest A and B design assurance levels but also with the lower C level. Simultaneously we will consider where it is appropriate to use the tools to streamline the processes. 



  •         AMC 20-152A Overview
  •         Requirements Validation
  •         Requirements for Robustness Testing
  •         Traceability Review
  •         Design Standard
  •         Test Cases and Test Procedures Review
  •         Code Coverage
  •         Synthesis and Place & Route
  •         Tool assessment and Qualification
  •         COTS-IP and COTS Devices

Presenter Bio:

Janusz Kitel

Janusz Kitel is a DO-254 Program Manager at Aldec. He is responsible for FPGA level in-target testing technology and requirements lifecycle management for DO-254 and other safety-critical industry standards. Janusz has 8 years of experience in requirements engineering and over 14 years of experience in product quality assurance. Janusz received his M.S. in Electronics and Telecommunication from Silesian University of Technology in Poland. His practical engineering experience includes the areas of functional verification, DO-254 compliance and software development and he has held a wide range of engineering positions that include Application Engineer, Software Developer and Project Manager.


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