CDC Verification Flow for OpenCores IP Design

Alexander Gnusin, Verification Methodology Specialist

Thursday, November 16th, 2017

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OpenCores is a well-known open source hardware community for digital open source hardware designs. Many hardware designers have adopted OpenCores IP, hence, it is crucial that they are carefully verified during the IP selection process. One of the verification aspects is the Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) Signoff. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to apply CDC verification on the OpenCores Ethernet MAC IP.

CDC verification requires design constraints for synthesis and static timing analysis. However, in most cases, OpenCores designs do not include these constraints. In this webinar, we will demonstrate a semi-automatic design constraint generation methodology with ALINT-PRO CDC efficient debugging flow. Using this flow, designers are able to reveal critical CDC issues while generating and verifying timing constraints for the current designs.


  • The Overview of CDC design issues
  • Short Overview or OPenCores Minimac IP
  • MiniMac IP preparation for CDC Analysis
  • Running Default LINT analysis to determine IP quality
  • Design Constraints generation for CDC analysis
  • Running CDC verification and analyzing results
  • ALINT-PRO CDC analysis Live Demo
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A
Alexander Gnusin

Alexander Gnusin is a Verification Methodology Specialist at Aldec. Alexander Gnusin has 22 years of hands-on Design and Verification experience gained from well-known design houses - Motorola Semiconductors, IBM, Nortel Networks and Ericsson. As Verification Prime for multi-million gates project, he combined various verification methods - LINT, Formal Property checking, dynamic simulation and hardware-assisted acceleration to efficiently achieve design verification goals. He received his M.S. in Electronics from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.